A fast track programme that leads to University Admission into UK, USA, Canada and other countries.

University Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme in WHC is a fast track programme that leads to University Admission into UK, USA, Canada and other countries. Our students learn academic work through subject specific modules.

This programme can also serve as a gap year to aid maturity and build academic prowess.

What is a University Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program is an alternative to A-Level courses which acts as a bridge that allows students to meet the entry requirements into Universities from their own country.

The course runs for 32 weeks and students study six modules in total spread over the duration of the course to provide an even workload. Three of these are core Minor Modules (English, Mathematics and Information Technology) while the remaining three are Major modules which are relevant to the student’s degree progaramme.

The course is assessed on the basis of credit points and has been carefully designed so that Minor and Major modules each carry a number of points for both coursework and examinations in each of the three Phases of the University Foundation Programme.

What will a UFP student achieve in WHC?

The student will:

  • have an accredited qualification accepted by majority of top universities;
  • have developed as an self-motivated and independent learner;
  • have improved their English language fluency and proficiency;
  • have the foundation needed for undergraduate study in their chosen subject.
Quick Facts
  • Resumption date - September 5th, 2022 (Flexible Admission)
  • Age requirements - 15+
  • Academic entry requirements - Distinction and Credit passes in IGSE, O Level, SSCE, NECO and equivalent qualifications
  • Hours per week - 30+ hours
  • Location - You can study at our college situated at Magodo phase 2, Lagos state. It is a serene and lively environment.
  • Accommodation - We offer full session boarding facilities with comfortable accommodation for male and female students.
  • Course duration - 9 months
  • How do I apply? - Apply online or Visit us.
  • How much does it cost? - Contact us for our fee structure.
Reasons to choose WHC

Gain admission into a top university: Students apply to university the same way Canadian citizens do and increase their chance of acceptance into top universities globally.

Prepare for your dream career: Prepare for competitive careers with our pathways into Medicine, Business, Law, Canadian Sports Academy and others.

Small class sizes and experienced teachers: Get individual attention from our teachers who provide needed support.

High end technology in teaching: Our college is well equipped with high end technological equipment that facilitate effective teaching.


Meggison Favour:
Business - A
Sociology - A
Communication Skills - A
Information Technology - A
Economics - A

Ogunbayo Eniola:
Business - A
Communication skills - A
Economics - A
Information Technology - A

Olaoye Ajiboye Fawaz gained admission into University of Essex, UK to study Economics in with Wisdom House College University Foundation result and graduated with a first class from the same university.


At Wisdom House College, we offer flexible intake and accept applications all year round.


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  • Canadian High School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • A-Level (Science/ Arts/ Social Science)
  • IGCSE (All Depts)
  • University Foundation Program. Find out more.

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